Debunking Common SAP ERP Misconceptions

Debunking Common SAP ERP Misconceptions

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is now considered by many forward-thinking businesses as a must when it comes to business management. However, as popular as it has grown over the years, there have also been various misconceptions about it.

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Here, we discuss three common myths about this ERP.

� The system is way too expensive
While the price for installing the ERP may not be the cheapest investment, it is completely affordable. What unnecessarily increases the cost is actually poor preparation before you implement the software. This includes not identifying your business requirements accurately and choosing a system with functions that your business doesn�t require. Before implementation, managers tend to be very broad in their requirements and expectations, overthink solutions which are actually simple, and overpromise to shareholders. All these simply increase costs and result in under-delivery. The truth is that not adapting to new technology and sticking to the old ways will increase costs even more.

� Your business has to adopt everything at one go
Another common misconception many business owners have is that their organization will have to adopt and implement the new software all at once. They tend to think that the new ERP software must be adopted in each department or team the organization has all at once, as opposed to slowly integrating it to their business. However, adopting everything at one go only stops migration of data to the new system. The implementation period does not have to disrupt your business if you slowly unroll it in several phases as per your business requirement. So, organizations can adopt customized ERP solutions and take their own time to adapt.

� It requires customization, which is a difficult process
Many organizations believe that customizing their enterprise planning software is a difficult process, which is not worth the time and resources. However, what they don�t get is that with ERP comes a need for adaptability. Once they have fully integrated the system into their business, they can benefit from valuable insights since it does not just keep a record of activities, but analyse them as well. After the implementation, managers can decide if the business needs any more applications.

These common misconceptions about SAP ERP stops many businesses and organizations from adopting the management software which could greatly streamline their business model and procedure, increase productivity and efficiency, and as a result, boost revenue. It is important to know the truth about the software and not simply believe what you hear so you can benefit from it.

What is a Microsoft dynamics partner?

Before knowing about Microsoft dynamics partners and Microsoft dynamics, it is important to know about sections such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Customer relationship management (CRM) which makes up Microsoft dynamics. Microsoft dynamics comprises a number of CRM and ERP software applications along with small and medium business solutions. Microsoft Dynamics can be used along with other Microsoft applications such as word, Share point, Yammer, Azure, Outlook etc. Its main focus is on areas such as retail, service, manufacturing, financial services etc.

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Customer relationship management helps in making interactions with customers better. It provides options which help in increasing sales, solutions to improve marketing and to provide excellent customer service. It also automates these services thereby allowing the company to focus on meaningful business and client interactions helping the company to grow. This also helps to keep the customer service representative ready to answer any unexpected question from the client using the recorded data.

Enterprise resource planning software provides business management applications that help to organize and manage data. They also automate areas such as financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing, human resources etc. The data collected is then managed and made available to the entire organization to avoid any ambiguity of information. This provides an easier solution for data sharing throughout the organization.

How Lumada Will Influence The Industrial IoT Segment?

To those who are uninitiated, Lumada is a revolutionary IoT platform designed and introduced into the market by Hitachi. Its latest version denoted by v2.0 is updated with refined and versatile engineering which makes it a turnkey solution for both on-site deployment or cloud deployment, as the clients need it. Lumada has the distinction of simplifying industrial IoT integration, both at the peripheral levels and core levels. The Lumada software is specifically optimised to assist clients in deriving key observations and forecasts from their data, enabling them to take better business decisions in time. Its built-in analytics is seamlessly fused with artificial intelligence for greater efficiency.

What this means for clients is that they get to enjoy a smart and elastic IoT platform which excels in optimising throughput by reducing operational costs phenomenally. Businesses and industrial clients will vastly benefit from Lumada through its improved reliability, better asset utilization, improved safety and generation of realistic business forecasts.

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Miraculous asset avatars
Out of all the groundbreaking upgrades in the Lumada, the asset avatars are truly remarkable and unique. Most experts are of the opinion that, asset avatars is one of the best implementations of digital twins that they have ever seen. To those who are uninitiated, asset avatars are nothing but virtual replicas of tangible resources and metadata, which basically works like an approximation model for business assets. Leveraging this model, business and industries can derive data backed observations, which represent their operational redundancies and throughputs. Since this model is continuously updated with real time data from sensors, all the insights are current and accurate. Leveraging these insights, businesses can eliminate redundancies in key systems, thereby enhancing their throughput and profits in the end. This model is comprehensive as it draws information from all elements of enterprises like machines and humans. The software is fortified with powerful tools for IoT developers, which enables them to seamlessly design and deploy industrial IoT remedies far quicker than before. Lumada was designed as a multi creation platform right from the start and this quality is paying dividends now. Numerous enhancements based on proof of concept have been developed to streamline industrial IoT integration.

Lumada is a comprehensive software solution that you should not miss out to join the technological future.

Top Myths Debunked About Wedding Music

You can ignore all the misconceptions and myths that typically surround with respect to handling and hiring a live wedding band. Plus it is not as if when you hire a live band, you have to stay away from a DJ on your wedding day. Both can perform simultaneously for that matter, while you may not have complete control over all the music that is played on your wedding, it is not a difficult task to share your preferences in clear terms in advance. Live band music for occasions like weddings can make the day a truly memorable one. Here are some of the too myths about wedding music that have been debunked

Myth 1: A live band has a tendency to rake several breaks in between

There are some people who feel apprehensive about going for a wedding band since they feel that they will take a break of about fifteen to twenty minutes after performing for around 45 minutes or so. They tend to fill that gap with music played from a CD or a DVD. Such a tactics may make the guests feel completely bored. They may even start moving away from the dance floor. However, it is possible for you to manage the downtime needed by your wedding band without spoiling the party. You can requests the members of the band to divide their breaks in such a manner that they can play live music all through the night though you may have to pay extra bucks for that. Your guests stay on the dance floor and will be entertained the way they wanted to.

Myth 2: A live band singapore may not be able to provide the kind of variety needed on a wedding

This is absolutely false as a professional live band actually has a lot of depth in the kind of music they play. When a live band has multiple singers, it is a clear indication of its versatility. Additionally, if they have both female as well as male vocalists, there are possibilities of them performing on a wide range of music. Although. It is not unusual for a live band to specialize in a particular genre of music; you should not forget that you are dealing with professional musicians. So, they can easily stray from their niche. If you find that you want them to specifically play certain songs, there is no problem in requesting them to pick up those numbers before your wedding day. If you give adequate advanced notice, a reputable and can pick up those few songs easily.

Myth 3: Live bands are fond of line dances

Gone are those days when a wedding band encouraged a line dance. However, if it worries you, you may see the band performing at some other places before hiring them. You can do so by asking for clips from YouTube or some footage from a different performance. It will give you a feel of the way they interact with the guests or crowd. You may also make an attempt to catch them in action live. For instance, you can drop down to a different event where they are performing. But it will be good for you to remember that while it is easy to tweet the style of a DJ, the same is not as simple to do with a wedding fans. In case you find that their performances are interactive leading to line dances, they may not be able up tweet their style even after telling them to do so. You should perhaps contemplate of hiring a different band altogether.

Myth 4: It is a great idea to hire a live bar fans

It can be a wrong decision unless they have adequate experience in performing at weddings before In fact, hiring a band that is primarily associated with a nightclub may not be a safe proposition as they may not have the required skill to entertain a diverse cried at a wedding. Rather, it is a much more sensible decision to hire a band that has previous experience and knowledge in wedding entertainment.

Right Questions to Ask While Talking to a Live Band before Choosing Them

Choosing a live band music for occasions may be much easier than you think if you know what questions you must ask the band. Let us delve a little deeper into this.

1. Is the space available at the venue enough for you?

You may have chosen a venue for the occasion. Of course, you may have taken into account the number of guests you have invited for choosing the venue. If the venue already has a stage, the band will perform on the stage. But if there is no stage, you may have to provide space for them. This will reduce the extent of the dance floor considerably.

If the open space available in the venue is quite large, you need not worry even if you have to provide space for the band. If the open space is smaller, there may be issues. The invitees may feel uncomfortable and so do the performers of the band. In such a situation, you may have to go for a band that has limited number of performers. On the contrary, if the open space at the venue is very large, you can opt for a band with more number of performers.

The fact is that an efficiently performing band will be able to do their job well regardless of the size of the venue. This means if you get a satisfactory reply for your question from the band, you can go ahead and book them for your occasion.

2. What does this guest list mean to you?

Before you choose your venue, you might have made out your guest list. It is better you discuss about the composition of your guest list with the band because it is wrong to assume that all the bands will be able to provide music to the tastes of people of all age groups. If your guest list consists of old people as well as those who belong to the young generation, the band you choose should be able to satisfy both the groups.

On the other hand, if your guest list consists only of people who belong to the younger generation, you must choose an appropriate band. So is the case if your guest list consists only of older people. In short, the question you must ask the band is if they will be able to fulfill the expectations of the audience. Posing this question and discussing about the composition of your guest list with them will help you in choosing the right band.

3. How many hours will you perform?

Of course, while asking this question, you should give your inputs to the bands with which you are discussing. In fact, the answer to this question is very important especially if your guest list consists of people of all age groups. Remember that aged people may not like the music younger folks are fond of. Similarly, people who belong to the younger generation may get restless if the band plays the traditional type of music. This means that when you are trying to choose the live band singapore music for occasions , you must opt for that band that knows the knack of satisfying both the groups. They should also know the trick of choosing the right sequence so both the groups remain “alive” throughout the performance.

If you have already decided that the band should perform for a particular duration, you must check with the past users of the band if they have kept up the momentum and energy till the end.

4. Will you be able to provide the music that goes well with the theme of my occasion?

This is another important question because the band you choose should play the music that is in tune with the theme of the occasion for which you require them to perform.

If you get satisfactory answers to these questions, you can go ahead and book the band you have zeroed in on.

Izumio Hydrogen Water – The Wonder Drink


Just when the whole world was grappling with ill health conditions caused due to stress, ageing and various other factors, a team of Japanese scientists came up with a platter of super foods called ‘antioxidants’, one of which was Izumio Hydrogen Water – a wonder drink that has the potential of changing the course of one’s life if taken properly and at any stage of one’s life.

The term antioxidant and antioxidant supplements was thus introduced to mankind. The benefits of these miracle foods were packaged and made available for human consumption.

Among other natural elements that are freely available in the universe, Hydrogen is one such element which is very vital and indispensable for the existence of mankind and which had unfortunately been quite underrated until this product was introduced in the form of a beverage. The concept of dissolved hydrogen in water was used and Izumio was produced keeping high standards of quality into consideration.

Slowly and gradually, Izumio Hydrogen Water became the best selling and most trusted hydrogenated water in Japan selling a record of 150 million units since 2007. Alces LLP, the manufacturer of this wonder drink beverage claims that the concentration of hydrogen is highest in this product and the company is still striving to improvise it even further. Antioxidants are very important to slow down the process of aging and also cut down the ill effects of numerous factors, environmental and otherwise. Hydrogen is an excellent antioxidant because of a very low redox potential and thus aids in imparting youthfulness to one’s life.

There are numerous real life examples of people who have benefited from this beverage drink taken along with other antioxidant supplements. A young sports enthusiast diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, was forced to discontinue her sports career. She started undergoing the painful treatment process but her condition was far from improving. She was then introduced to the benefits of hydrogen water. Soon she incorporated it into her lifestyle along with other supplements and witnessed significant changes so much so that she completely recovered and pursued her sports career soon.

In yet another instance, when this drink was introduced to a stage 4 brain cancer patient who was diagnosed with the disease and was not hopeful of living beyond 6 months , recovered soon and was alive and full of life within no time.

Infinite number of people suffering from many such diseases have benefited from this drink, thus rightfully earning the status of ‘wonder drink’.


Izumio Hydrogen Water – Reversing Your Age-Clock


Izumio Hydrogen water is a breakthrough in the world of healthcare science. With the kind of stressful life that is being led by us today, it is imperative that we should possess a strong immune system. Alces LLP brings forth this package of hydrogenised drinking water which is loaded with the benefits of hydrogen.

As a company that has been in the healthcare domain catering to the diverse needs of the health aspects of different people, Alces LLP works on the core values of honesty and reliability and believes in providing quality and efficient services to its customers. As a result, lot of research and analysis has gone behind the formulation of this product, the benefits of which are numerous.

Stress and aging cause a lot of deterioration to our bodies. Besides, there are other factors like water and air pollution, active and passive smoking, drugs, food contamination, consumption of packaged and processed foods, lack / excess exercise, radiation of different kinds, consumption of alcohol etc. which causes the process of oxidation in one’s bodies resulting in the production of harmful free radicals. These are the underlying causes of many illnesses and diseases.

In such a scenario, antioxidant supplements come as a savior. They help in bringing down the ill effects of degeneration that happens in ones bodies, reducing the risk of diseases and illnesses.

Hydrogen is a vital element to human life, a fact that is not known to many of us. Izumio Hydrogen Water is a beverage that has been formulated with strong presence of hydrogen in the form of water and also along with other minerals present in it. It is a strong and effective antioxidant that helps to cut down the side effects of aging and keep the youthfulness alive.

Since it comes in an easily consumable aluminum film pouch and in a form (water) that can be conveniently consumed, it is easily procurable. It works by providing the necessary hydration and stimulation to the body cells by lowering the free radicals in one’s bodies. It thus in a way repairs the damaged tissues and cells in the body rejuvenating it altogether. It is also highly beneficial for the skin. Pollutants in the air cause skin to degenerate and loose its natural sheen and youthfulness. Regular usage of hydrogen helps in recuperating by providing the essential elements to keep it youthful.

Why should we need to drink more water?


Water – an antioxidant:

There different types of food and health supplements that help in the anti-oxidation process. The antioxidants in the food are a part of our daily diet. These help to keep the body healthy. It is unknown to many that hydration helps to inhibit oxidation. Water helps in hydration, thereby qualifying as a good antioxidant. This is one of the major reasons why doctors always tell us to drink lots of water in a day. Drinking water on a regular basis helps to keep away many diseases like eczema, skin problems, irritable bowel movements, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart diseases. Water also helps to alleviate stress levels in the body. Water also helps to protect your DNA.

Izumio hydrogen water is a very good antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it helps to keep many diseases and ailments at bay. Water helps to increase metabolism of the body, thereby controlling appetite. This in turn helps to keep a check on your weight, controlling obesity and ailments related to body weight. These are some of the basic functions of water as an antioxidant. Apart from this, water also has many more benefits.

Other benefits of water:

Our body cannot survive without water. Apart from being a major component for survival, water also has many other benefits:

Water helps to detox the body by washing out all the toxic elements from the body. This helps to keep the body clean and fresh.

Water helps to improve the digestion process. Dehydration often leads to irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Drinking lots of water, helps in moving the food through the gastrointestinal tracts. This in turn helps in digestion and reduces constipation.

Dehydration also causes a lot fatigue and exhaustion. By hydrating the body, water helps in alleviating fatigue in the body.

Researches have shown something very unique. Water is a mood lifter! Once again dehydration can adversely affect your mood. Hence to maintain a positive mood drinking lots of water is important.

Water is also a medicine for your headaches and migraines. A research published by European Journal of Neurology has proved that increasing your water intake can actually reduce the duration and intensity of a headache.

These are some of the benefits of drinking more and more water. Izumio hydrogen water is even more potent in its nutritional value. Hence drinking this water is even better for your health.


Top Reasons to Go For Chin Augmentation

A large number of people are opting for plastic surgery treatment to correct features that they think are flawed, in order to improve their appearances. People may opt to undergo a chin augmentation procedure for different reasons but may undergo similar experiences and issues. This is a process, which can improve a receding or weak chin’s appearance by surgery.

Check out the following top reasons for people opting for a chin augmentation procedure.

As a means for reconstructing the face

This treatment may not be always done solely for cosmetic issues. People who have gone through severe trauma, affecting their faces, may also go for the process of chin augmentation or chin fillers in Singapore.

One major component in a facial reconstruction surgical procedure is none other than chin implants.

Correction of a weak chin

This is one of the key reasons to go for the chin augmentation procedure. It improves an individual’s facial balance, which is needed for a receding or weak chin. Some experts feel that technology is responsible for the sudden increase in chin fillers treatment. Today, images of people are more exposed due to high technology applications like video chat, making them more conscious of their facial imperfections and inspiring people to go for improvements.

Improve profile view

Typically your chin and nose ought to be balanced and appear to be in one vertical line. Having a weak chin may draw more attention, especially when your nose is prominent, making it look even bigger. Sometimes, such people may decide to opt for rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. The procedure is performed along with the cheek implant procedure for improving the profile of the patient and balancing facial features in a better manner.

Advancement in career

Do you think it is a crazy idea to contemplate plastic surgery for improving your career? It is not since a study conducted through use of Google pictures of 50 Chief Executives for Fortune 500 organizations found that all of them had strong chins, including the women?

Jaw line can be made strong in aging face

Chin implantation procedure can result in additional strength and for improving jowling that is not unusual when one ages. Men and women both can benefit from contouring their chins so that the impact of aging on a jaw line can be counteracted, In some cases, the procedure is combined with cosmetic surgeries like a micro liposuction or a facelift.

Anti-Aging Treatments of the Future

Aging is a natural process that most people wish never existed. Aging results in the loss of volume in facial bone and tissue. As a result, the face develops wrinkles, lines and dark circles around the eyes. Given that the modern world has an aversion for the aging process, people use a variety of methods to delay aging for as long as possible. Although there is a question mark about the success of some of these methods, a good number of these methods have quite effective anti-aging properties.


A few of the popular anti-aging techniques include facial massage, exfoliation, applying lotions and creams, and facial masks. When combined with a healthy and well balanced diet, these procedures can slow down the aging process quite significantly. However, the most popular anti-aging product is Botox or Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. The cosmetic use of Botox is to temporarily paralyze the facial muscles and, as a result, remove wrinkles. Additionally, Botox also has other medical applications.


Despite the wonderful anti-aging properties of Botox, it has one major flaw. Owing to the temporarily paralysis of facial muscles caused by Botox, the face has a stiff appearance that resembles a statue. Therefore it generates a great deal of excitement to know that there are quite a few new and innovative anti-aging products in the market today.


Non-invasive anti-aging procedures may include radio frequency waves, ultrasound and laser treatment for the face. The principle is to use heat to make the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, think the skin is injured. As a result, the dermis secretes more collagen leading to the development of new skin that is fresh and young. An additional advantage is that the recovery time after these procedures is very short. Experts believe that owing to laser treatments, some forms of cosmetic surgery will become obsolete within the next two decades.


Recently, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested a wearable silicone-based polymer film that can be applied to the face or the body as a thin and transparent layer. Aptly titled “second skin”, the product consists of two creams. When these two creams are applied, they dry into a film which can be peeled and discarded after 24 hours. According to reports from the researchers, this “second skin” can make the skin smoother, firmer and erase wrinkles after a 24 hour time period.


Other exciting new products include a brand of gin called Anti AGin with drinkable collagen and a dark chocolate called Esthecho. Both promise to keep the skin young and supple. Given the frequency at which such new products are being launched, the future of anti-aging treatments looks very exciting indeed.

How Does Hydrogen Fight Free Radicals?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe; nearly 75% of the mass of the Universe is Hydrogen. On Earth, Hydrogen does not occur in its singular form; instead, it exists as water and other organic and inorganic compounds. Hydrogen is the smallest, simplest and most fundamental element, and molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule. Water, the elixir of life, is a potent combination of Oxygen (a powerful oxidizer) and Hydrogen (a powerful reducer).

It is the world’s oldest and most efficient anti-oxidant. It stops the chain reaction of oxidation in the human body. By eliminating nearly 75% of active oxygen in the body, it fights disease and aging. It negates the toxicity of oxygen. As a potential anti oxidant, Hydrogen has a number of advantages:

  1. It is rapidly absorbed by the body’s tissues and cells
  2. It is mild, so it does not interfere with the body’s functioning
  3. It can be ingested in a large number of ways- inhaling Hydrogen gas, drinking Hydrogen infused water, injecting dissolved Hydrogen saline etc.

Molecular Hydrogen, as a constituent element of Izumio drinking water, is as powerful a cleanser. The premise of using Hydrogen as an anti-oxidant, as opposed to conventional anti-oxidant supplements, is that there is no damaging by-product of its combination with oxidised molecules. The combination simply produces water, which does not harm the body in and of itself. Many other anti-oxidants have been found to have their own side-effects on the body. On the contrary, Hydrogen hydrates the cells, rejuvenating them, and partially making up for any deficiency in water intake.

Owing to its small molecular size, Hydrogen can alleviate conditions of oxidation even in the mitochondria, a feat not many anti-oxidants can achieve. It protects mitochondria exposed to oxidation. It selectively reduces the hydroxyl radical, the main culprit behind cancer progression at a cellular level. It can cross the blood brain barrier, reach the mitochondria, and even the nucleus in certain conditions. From there, it acts as an anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective agent. Each dose of hydrogen flushes the body with trillions of Hydrogen molecules. These molecules safely pair up with unstable molecules and thereby protect the body. The best part? Hydrogen therapy is safe as there is no harmful side effects, or overdosage of Hydogen. Any amount is safe. It is therefore being researched into more and more to find greater number of uses for human use.