Izumio Hydrogen Water – Reversing Your Age-Clock


Izumio Hydrogen water is a breakthrough in the world of healthcare science. With the kind of stressful life that is being led by us today, it is imperative that we should possess a strong immune system. Alces LLP brings forth this package of hydrogenised drinking water which is loaded with the benefits of hydrogen.

As a company that has been in the healthcare domain catering to the diverse needs of the health aspects of different people, Alces LLP works on the core values of honesty and reliability and believes in providing quality and efficient services to its customers. As a result, lot of research and analysis has gone behind the formulation of this product, the benefits of which are numerous.

Stress and aging cause a lot of deterioration to our bodies. Besides, there are other factors like water and air pollution, active and passive smoking, drugs, food contamination, consumption of packaged and processed foods, lack / excess exercise, radiation of different kinds, consumption of alcohol etc. which causes the process of oxidation in one’s bodies resulting in the production of harmful free radicals. These are the underlying causes of many illnesses and diseases.

In such a scenario, antioxidant supplements come as a savior. They help in bringing down the ill effects of degeneration that happens in ones bodies, reducing the risk of diseases and illnesses.

Hydrogen is a vital element to human life, a fact that is not known to many of us. Izumio Hydrogen Water is a beverage that has been formulated with strong presence of hydrogen in the form of water and also along with other minerals present in it. It is a strong and effective antioxidant that helps to cut down the side effects of aging and keep the youthfulness alive.

Since it comes in an easily consumable aluminum film pouch and in a form (water) that can be conveniently consumed, it is easily procurable. It works by providing the necessary hydration and stimulation to the body cells by lowering the free radicals in one’s bodies. It thus in a way repairs the damaged tissues and cells in the body rejuvenating it altogether. It is also highly beneficial for the skin. Pollutants in the air cause skin to degenerate and loose its natural sheen and youthfulness. Regular usage of hydrogen helps in recuperating by providing the essential elements to keep it youthful.

Why should we need to drink more water?


Water – an antioxidant:

There different types of food and health supplements that help in the anti-oxidation process. The antioxidants in the food are a part of our daily diet. These help to keep the body healthy. It is unknown to many that hydration helps to inhibit oxidation. Water helps in hydration, thereby qualifying as a good antioxidant. This is one of the major reasons why doctors always tell us to drink lots of water in a day. Drinking water on a regular basis helps to keep away many diseases like eczema, skin problems, irritable bowel movements, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart diseases. Water also helps to alleviate stress levels in the body. Water also helps to protect your DNA.

Izumio hydrogen water is a very good antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it helps to keep many diseases and ailments at bay. Water helps to increase metabolism of the body, thereby controlling appetite. This in turn helps to keep a check on your weight, controlling obesity and ailments related to body weight. These are some of the basic functions of water as an antioxidant. Apart from this, water also has many more benefits.

Other benefits of water:

Our body cannot survive without water. Apart from being a major component for survival, water also has many other benefits:

Water helps to detox the body by washing out all the toxic elements from the body. This helps to keep the body clean and fresh.

Water helps to improve the digestion process. Dehydration often leads to irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Drinking lots of water, helps in moving the food through the gastrointestinal tracts. This in turn helps in digestion and reduces constipation.

Dehydration also causes a lot fatigue and exhaustion. By hydrating the body, water helps in alleviating fatigue in the body.

Researches have shown something very unique. Water is a mood lifter! Once again dehydration can adversely affect your mood. Hence to maintain a positive mood drinking lots of water is important.

Water is also a medicine for your headaches and migraines. A research published by European Journal of Neurology has proved that increasing your water intake can actually reduce the duration and intensity of a headache.

These are some of the benefits of drinking more and more water. Izumio hydrogen water is even more potent in its nutritional value. Hence drinking this water is even better for your health.


Top Reasons to Go For Chin Augmentation

A large number of people are opting for plastic surgery treatment to correct features that they think are flawed, in order to improve their appearances. People may opt to undergo a chin augmentation procedure for different reasons but may undergo similar experiences and issues. This is a process, which can improve a receding or weak chin’s appearance by surgery.

Check out the following top reasons for people opting for a chin augmentation procedure.

As a means for reconstructing the face

This treatment may not be always done solely for cosmetic issues. People who have gone through severe trauma, affecting their faces, may also go for the process of chin augmentation or chin fillers in Singapore.

One major component in a facial reconstruction surgical procedure is none other than chin implants.

Correction of a weak chin

This is one of the key reasons to go for the chin augmentation procedure. It improves an individual’s facial balance, which is needed for a receding or weak chin. Some experts feel that technology is responsible for the sudden increase in chin fillers treatment. Today, images of people are more exposed due to high technology applications like video chat, making them more conscious of their facial imperfections and inspiring people to go for improvements.

Improve profile view

Typically your chin and nose ought to be balanced and appear to be in one vertical line. Having a weak chin may draw more attention, especially when your nose is prominent, making it look even bigger. Sometimes, such people may decide to opt for rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. The procedure is performed along with the cheek implant procedure for improving the profile of the patient and balancing facial features in a better manner.

Advancement in career

Do you think it is a crazy idea to contemplate plastic surgery for improving your career? It is not since a study conducted through use of Google pictures of 50 Chief Executives for Fortune 500 organizations found that all of them had strong chins, including the women?

Jaw line can be made strong in aging face

Chin implantation procedure can result in additional strength and for improving jowling that is not unusual when one ages. Men and women both can benefit from contouring their chins so that the impact of aging on a jaw line can be counteracted, In some cases, the procedure is combined with cosmetic surgeries like a micro liposuction or a facelift.

Anti-Aging Treatments of the Future

Aging is a natural process that most people wish never existed. Aging results in the loss of volume in facial bone and tissue. As a result, the face develops wrinkles, lines and dark circles around the eyes. Given that the modern world has an aversion for the aging process, people use a variety of methods to delay aging for as long as possible. Although there is a question mark about the success of some of these methods, a good number of these methods have quite effective anti-aging properties.


A few of the popular anti-aging techniques include facial massage, exfoliation, applying lotions and creams, and facial masks. When combined with a healthy and well balanced diet, these procedures can slow down the aging process quite significantly. However, the most popular anti-aging product is Botox or Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. The cosmetic use of Botox is to temporarily paralyze the facial muscles and, as a result, remove wrinkles. Additionally, Botox also has other medical applications.


Despite the wonderful anti-aging properties of Botox, it has one major flaw. Owing to the temporarily paralysis of facial muscles caused by Botox, the face has a stiff appearance that resembles a statue. Therefore it generates a great deal of excitement to know that there are quite a few new and innovative anti-aging products in the market today.


Non-invasive anti-aging procedures may include radio frequency waves, ultrasound and laser treatment for the face. The principle is to use heat to make the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, think the skin is injured. As a result, the dermis secretes more collagen leading to the development of new skin that is fresh and young. An additional advantage is that the recovery time after these procedures is very short. Experts believe that owing to laser treatments, some forms of cosmetic surgery will become obsolete within the next two decades.


Recently, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested a wearable silicone-based polymer film that can be applied to the face or the body as a thin and transparent layer. Aptly titled “second skin”, the product consists of two creams. When these two creams are applied, they dry into a film which can be peeled and discarded after 24 hours. According to reports from the researchers, this “second skin” can make the skin smoother, firmer and erase wrinkles after a 24 hour time period.


Other exciting new products include a brand of gin called Anti AGin with drinkable collagen and a dark chocolate called Esthecho. Both promise to keep the skin young and supple. Given the frequency at which such new products are being launched, the future of anti-aging treatments looks very exciting indeed.

Explore the World of Herbal Pest Control Options

The use of an herbal pest control option is a safer alternative for pest management. Also known as natural pest control methods, this strategy relies on the use of biological, naturally occurring materials to bring down the levels of pest infestation. Chemical pest control, on the other hand, is dependent on the use of toxic chemicals collectively called pesticides to manage and reduce pest population.

Natural pest control options are an eco-friendly alternative and are as effective as chemical pesticides. In special cases, natural compounds are clubbed with chemical pesticides for improved pest control.

Herbal pest control falls under the category of natural pest control wherein the pest management is through the application of herbal products.

What are herbal pesticides and its advantages?

Herbal pest control solutions are made from vegetable, herb and fruit sources. Many vegetables are known to have an active pesticide component. A pesticide is labeled as herbal when it has the following properties:

  • They degrade rapidly on exposure to sunlight
  • The degraded components are non-toxic
  • These compounds act by reducing the appetite of the insect and not by killing it
  • The lethal dosage is low at > Oral 50 so are safe for humans and animals
  • Are fast acting
  • Possesses a broader spectrum of control
  • They are selective in action
  • Even pests that have developed an immunity to chemical agents are susceptible to herbal agents
  • A strong nervous stomach poison

Examples of Organic or herbal pesticides

A few examples of herbal pesticides are:

  • Tobacco: Nicotine, the active component in tobacco, apart from inducing a smoker’s high is also a neurotoxin which is poisonous to common pests like caterpillar, thrips, aphids and a few fungi on contact.
  • Neem: The active component of neem, azadirachtin, salanin and meliantriol is a well-documented pest repellant. Neem has a broad spectrum activity and is effective against the infestation of fungal spores, leafhoppers, white butterfly and 200 other species of soft bodied insects.
  • Tube roots: Rotenon is an active component which kills the appetite of insects. Continued exposure to tube root can also lead to insect death. Tuba roots are a berspktrum poison which is an effective contact pesticide.

Pest control companies in Singapore offer green choices as well. Herbal pest control options are ideal for homes with gardens. These are easy to apply and are effective.

Tips for Keeping Your Property Free From Mosquitoes

You will all agree what great nuisance mosquitoes can be, especially when you are sitting outdoor on a summer evening. In fact, mosquito bites can turn a great evening into a bad nightmare. Often, after they bite, diseases get transferred from one person to another. So, you need to ensure that your evening out does not get spoilt due to this pest and the best way to do this is to make sure that they are not seen in and around your home.

When you adopt a structured approach and a well-defined plan, your house can be free of mosquitoes during the summer. It is also possible to achieve that in a safe manner without any use of poisonous stuff. The right way to start the process is by hiring a good mosquito control service provider who will identify their origin of breeding and then proceed to the space surrounding your house and eventually take care of your house. The breeding population of mosquitoes needs to be controlled.

Many of you must be aware that water is required by the mosquitoes to breed. An adult mosquito lays her eggs in either slow-moving or standing water. Some of these mosquitoes also lay their eggs on the moist ground or wet soil.

Tips for controlling mosquitoes

Here are some of the easy tips to make sure that your property is free from these blood sucking monsters.

  • Make sure that if you have a pool, it is always chlorinated. If your pool is in the backyard, just do not let it become a zoo full of blood hungry mosquitoes.
  • The gutters around your home should not have any debris.There should not be any puddles around the gutters. The water should get drained freely. When you observe that your drain pipe is not reaching a gutter, you should add a pipe for channeling that water properly.
  • Get all such units cleaned at regular intervals that contain water, such as tires, a tub or a pool. Get these holding units cleared and then use clean water for refilling them. Mosquitoes get instantly drawn towards dirty and still water,.
  • Monitor the pools in the background on a regular basis
  • Your ponds, if any, should be aerated and cleaned so that mosquitoes do not lay their eggs in those ponds. An alternative way of keeping the ponds clean could be by filling them up with fish so that mosquitoes could be kept away and their population can be controlled.

How cockroaches are harmful and why you need to control them

The sight of cockroaches is bound to irritate every one of us. Even a desultory peep into a book that describes the origin of various species may reveal that the existence of cockroaches dates back to a period that is about 70 odd millions of years ago. Scientists say that they may be one of the few creatures that may survive even an earth-shaking nuclear bomb.

Whether we are willing or not, our association with these insects continues. Since cockroaches can easily adapt to almost any of the circumstances, they are able to share space with humans regardless of the regions where they live. 

But why should we fear cockroaches?

They can contaminate the foods we eat.

Cockroaches feed even on human feces, dead plants, soap, paper and what not. So, when they defecate on open foods, they leave behind all the unwanted things on them and this may lead to several health issues.

They spread disease-causing bacteria

When cockroaches regurgitate the digestive fluids and their saliva, they inoculate the foods we eat with disease-causing bacteria. This may result in affliction by diseases like sepsis, infections of the urinary tract and digestive problems.

Cockroach bites

There are some cockroach species that may bite humans thus causing wounds to the skin and especially, to parts where the skin is soft.

Food poisoning

Cockroaches can cause serious food poisoning issues. It has also been proven that they may cause typhoid.


The allergens that cockroaches carry can lead to allergic reactions such as skin rashes, watery eyes, sneezing and respiratory problems. 


When humans are affected by the allergens cockroaches carry, they are likely to be affected by asthma also.

Steps suggested for cockroach control

Ensure to keep your surroundings clean. Seal up cracks and holes in the walls and the wooden frames in your building. Remove the cobwebs periodically.

Ensure to wipe clean your kitchen counter-tops once your cooking tasks are over. Likewise, if you accidentally spill food items, ensure to clean the area thoroughly. Similarly, see that the sink and other similar places are kept clean.

The dustbin in the kitchen may attract cockroaches. So, empty it as often as possible.

Never leave food items open lest they get contaminated. Store food stuffs in containers that have tight lids.

Keep your rooms neat and tidy. If you keep the newspapers, books or magazines in a proper manner, you will not give scope for cockroaches to choose those places for living and breeding.

Cockroach control becomes easy if you follow the above steps scrupulously.

Where to locate termites


Termites are one of the most dangerous pestilences that can infest your house. They usually do not target just one piece of furniture in your house, but damage the entire array of furniture. Apart from this, they usually tend to venture away from the furniture into wooden panels on your wall, wooden floors and make the base of the house weak. They usually enter your house from the underground through cracks. Then tend to grow and spread in moist environment. However, there are some termites like the dry-wood termite that grows in areas that have less moisture. Singapore is a place that has a moderate climate being near the sea. However, the humidity content in the air in Singapore is very high. Thus it is easy for termites to grow and spread in Singapore.

Considering modern technology and developments, even if state-of-the-art architecture is used to build skyscrapers that have low moisture content and keep the humidity of the air outside, still there is a chance of dry-wood termites to attack your furniture, walls, and floors and make your house an abode of pests. We all know pests are a pain. Thus termite control in Singapore is needed, in spite of its technological advancement.

How to locate termites?

It is very difficult to locate termites. They can infest any area in your house. They are not visible conspicuously. However, in order to locate them, you have to keep an eye for certain signs that will tell you that there are termites in your house and that you need to call the pest control guys. Some of the signs that will help you locate the source of the termite are:

The sawdust around your furniture is the fecal remains that the termite has left behind.

Termite tubes that grow like pencil structure on walls are an external manifestation of termite infestation. If you scrape off some portion of the tube and termites fall you surely need to call pest control.

There are some species of termites that can fly. Usually they swarm from one nest to another and during the move, they leave behind their wings. Thus if you notice gauze like wings in the size of ants, it means that your house is termite infested.

You might come across these signs in your well-furnished flat in Singapore. If you happen to locate these signs, call termite control in Singapore immediately. They will be able to locate the source and eradicate the pest infestation.

How Does Hydrogen Fight Free Radicals?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe; nearly 75% of the mass of the Universe is Hydrogen. On Earth, Hydrogen does not occur in its singular form; instead, it exists as water and other organic and inorganic compounds. Hydrogen is the smallest, simplest and most fundamental element, and molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule. Water, the elixir of life, is a potent combination of Oxygen (a powerful oxidizer) and Hydrogen (a powerful reducer).

It is the world’s oldest and most efficient anti-oxidant. It stops the chain reaction of oxidation in the human body. By eliminating nearly 75% of active oxygen in the body, it fights disease and aging. It negates the toxicity of oxygen. As a potential anti oxidant, Hydrogen has a number of advantages:

  1. It is rapidly absorbed by the body’s tissues and cells
  2. It is mild, so it does not interfere with the body’s functioning
  3. It can be ingested in a large number of ways- inhaling Hydrogen gas, drinking Hydrogen infused water, injecting dissolved Hydrogen saline etc.

Molecular Hydrogen, as a constituent element of Izumio drinking water, is as powerful a cleanser. The premise of using Hydrogen as an anti-oxidant, as opposed to conventional anti-oxidant supplements, is that there is no damaging by-product of its combination with oxidised molecules. The combination simply produces water, which does not harm the body in and of itself. Many other anti-oxidants have been found to have their own side-effects on the body. On the contrary, Hydrogen hydrates the cells, rejuvenating them, and partially making up for any deficiency in water intake.

Owing to its small molecular size, Hydrogen can alleviate conditions of oxidation even in the mitochondria, a feat not many anti-oxidants can achieve. It protects mitochondria exposed to oxidation. It selectively reduces the hydroxyl radical, the main culprit behind cancer progression at a cellular level. It can cross the blood brain barrier, reach the mitochondria, and even the nucleus in certain conditions. From there, it acts as an anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective agent. Each dose of hydrogen flushes the body with trillions of Hydrogen molecules. These molecules safely pair up with unstable molecules and thereby protect the body. The best part? Hydrogen therapy is safe as there is no harmful side effects, or overdosage of Hydogen. Any amount is safe. It is therefore being researched into more and more to find greater number of uses for human use.