Top Reasons to Go For Chin Augmentation

A large number of people are opting for plastic surgery treatment to correct features that they think are flawed, in order to improve their appearances. People may opt to undergo a chin augmentation procedure for different reasons but may undergo similar experiences and issues. This is a process, which can improve a receding or weak chin’s appearance by surgery.

Check out the following top reasons for people opting for a chin augmentation procedure.

As a means for reconstructing the face

This treatment may not be always done solely for cosmetic issues. People who have gone through severe trauma, affecting their faces, may also go for the process of chin augmentation or chin fillers in Singapore.

One major component in a facial reconstruction surgical procedure is none other than chin implants.

Correction of a weak chin

This is one of the key reasons to go for the chin augmentation procedure. It improves an individual’s facial balance, which is needed for a receding or weak chin. Some experts feel that technology is responsible for the sudden increase in chin fillers treatment. Today, images of people are more exposed due to high technology applications like video chat, making them more conscious of their facial imperfections and inspiring people to go for improvements.

Improve profile view

Typically your chin and nose ought to be balanced and appear to be in one vertical line. Having a weak chin may draw more attention, especially when your nose is prominent, making it look even bigger. Sometimes, such people may decide to opt for rhinoplasty, which is a surgical procedure to reshape the nose. The procedure is performed along with the cheek implant procedure for improving the profile of the patient and balancing facial features in a better manner.

Advancement in career

Do you think it is a crazy idea to contemplate plastic surgery for improving your career? It is not since a study conducted through use of Google pictures of 50 Chief Executives for Fortune 500 organizations found that all of them had strong chins, including the women?

Jaw line can be made strong in aging face

Chin implantation procedure can result in additional strength and for improving jowling that is not unusual when one ages. Men and women both can benefit from contouring their chins so that the impact of aging on a jaw line can be counteracted, In some cases, the procedure is combined with cosmetic surgeries like a micro liposuction or a facelift.

Anti-Aging Treatments of the Future

Aging is a natural process that most people wish never existed. Aging results in the loss of volume in facial bone and tissue. As a result, the face develops wrinkles, lines and dark circles around the eyes. Given that the modern world has an aversion for the aging process, people use a variety of methods to delay aging for as long as possible. Although there is a question mark about the success of some of these methods, a good number of these methods have quite effective anti-aging properties.


A few of the popular anti-aging techniques include facial massage, exfoliation, applying lotions and creams, and facial masks. When combined with a healthy and well balanced diet, these procedures can slow down the aging process quite significantly. However, the most popular anti-aging product is Botox or Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum. The cosmetic use of Botox is to temporarily paralyze the facial muscles and, as a result, remove wrinkles. Additionally, Botox also has other medical applications.


Despite the wonderful anti-aging properties of Botox, it has one major flaw. Owing to the temporarily paralysis of facial muscles caused by Botox, the face has a stiff appearance that resembles a statue. Therefore it generates a great deal of excitement to know that there are quite a few new and innovative anti-aging products in the market today.


Non-invasive anti-aging procedures may include radio frequency waves, ultrasound and laser treatment for the face. The principle is to use heat to make the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, think the skin is injured. As a result, the dermis secretes more collagen leading to the development of new skin that is fresh and young. An additional advantage is that the recovery time after these procedures is very short. Experts believe that owing to laser treatments, some forms of cosmetic surgery will become obsolete within the next two decades.


Recently, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tested a wearable silicone-based polymer film that can be applied to the face or the body as a thin and transparent layer. Aptly titled “second skin”, the product consists of two creams. When these two creams are applied, they dry into a film which can be peeled and discarded after 24 hours. According to reports from the researchers, this “second skin” can make the skin smoother, firmer and erase wrinkles after a 24 hour time period.


Other exciting new products include a brand of gin called Anti AGin with drinkable collagen and a dark chocolate called Esthecho. Both promise to keep the skin young and supple. Given the frequency at which such new products are being launched, the future of anti-aging treatments looks very exciting indeed.