How cockroaches are harmful and why you need to control them

The sight of cockroaches is bound to irritate every one of us. Even a desultory peep into a book that describes the origin of various species may reveal that the existence of cockroaches dates back to a period that is about 70 odd millions of years ago. Scientists say that they may be one of the few creatures that may survive even an earth-shaking nuclear bomb.

Whether we are willing or not, our association with these insects continues. Since cockroaches can easily adapt to almost any of the circumstances, they are able to share space with humans regardless of the regions where they live. 

But why should we fear cockroaches?

They can contaminate the foods we eat.

Cockroaches feed even on human feces, dead plants, soap, paper and what not. So, when they defecate on open foods, they leave behind all the unwanted things on them and this may lead to several health issues.

They spread disease-causing bacteria

When cockroaches regurgitate the digestive fluids and their saliva, they inoculate the foods we eat with disease-causing bacteria. This may result in affliction by diseases like sepsis, infections of the urinary tract and digestive problems.

Cockroach bites

There are some cockroach species that may bite humans thus causing wounds to the skin and especially, to parts where the skin is soft.

Food poisoning

Cockroaches can cause serious food poisoning issues. It has also been proven that they may cause typhoid.


The allergens that cockroaches carry can lead to allergic reactions such as skin rashes, watery eyes, sneezing and respiratory problems. 


When humans are affected by the allergens cockroaches carry, they are likely to be affected by asthma also.

Steps suggested for cockroach control

Ensure to keep your surroundings clean. Seal up cracks and holes in the walls and the wooden frames in your building. Remove the cobwebs periodically.

Ensure to wipe clean your kitchen counter-tops once your cooking tasks are over. Likewise, if you accidentally spill food items, ensure to clean the area thoroughly. Similarly, see that the sink and other similar places are kept clean.

The dustbin in the kitchen may attract cockroaches. So, empty it as often as possible.

Never leave food items open lest they get contaminated. Store food stuffs in containers that have tight lids.

Keep your rooms neat and tidy. If you keep the newspapers, books or magazines in a proper manner, you will not give scope for cockroaches to choose those places for living and breeding.

Cockroach control becomes easy if you follow the above steps scrupulously.