Explore the World of Herbal Pest Control Options

The use of an herbal pest control option is a safer alternative for pest management. Also known as natural pest control methods, this strategy relies on the use of biological, naturally occurring materials to bring down the levels of pest infestation. Chemical pest control, on the other hand, is dependent on the use of toxic chemicals collectively called pesticides to manage and reduce pest population.

Natural pest control options are an eco-friendly alternative and are as effective as chemical pesticides. In special cases, natural compounds are clubbed with chemical pesticides for improved pest control.

Herbal pest control falls under the category of natural pest control wherein the pest management is through the application of herbal products.

What are herbal pesticides and its advantages?

Herbal pest control solutions are made from vegetable, herb and fruit sources. Many vegetables are known to have an active pesticide component. A pesticide is labeled as herbal when it has the following properties:

  • They degrade rapidly on exposure to sunlight
  • The degraded components are non-toxic
  • These compounds act by reducing the appetite of the insect and not by killing it
  • The lethal dosage is low at > Oral 50 so are safe for humans and animals
  • Are fast acting
  • Possesses a broader spectrum of control
  • They are selective in action
  • Even pests that have developed an immunity to chemical agents are susceptible to herbal agents
  • A strong nervous stomach poison

Examples of Organic or herbal pesticides

A few examples of herbal pesticides are:

  • Tobacco: Nicotine, the active component in tobacco, apart from inducing a smoker’s high is also a neurotoxin which is poisonous to common pests like caterpillar, thrips, aphids and a few fungi on contact.
  • Neem: The active component of neem, azadirachtin, salanin and meliantriol is a well-documented pest repellant. Neem has a broad spectrum activity and is effective against the infestation of fungal spores, leafhoppers, white butterfly and 200 other species of soft bodied insects.
  • Tube roots: Rotenon is an active component which kills the appetite of insects. Continued exposure to tube root can also lead to insect death. Tuba roots are a berspktrum poison which is an effective contact pesticide.

Pest control companies in Singapore offer green choices as well. Herbal pest control options are ideal for homes with gardens. These are easy to apply and are effective.

Tips for Keeping Your Property Free From Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be a great nuisance when you are sitting outdoor on a summer evening. In fact, mosquito bites can turn a great evening into a bad nightmare. Often, after they bite, diseases get transferred from one person to another. Therefore, one need to take extra precaution to prevent themselves from contracting common diseases like dengue fever through mosquito bites.

However, one can also suffer from the attacks of the mosquitoes when they do not take preventive steps to stop their house from turning into a breeding ground. The right way to start the process of identifying the cause of mosquitoes is by hiring a good mosquito control service provider who will identify their origin of breeding. One recommendation is Pestbusters who aims to eradicate any form of pest for their esteemed customers. The breeding population of mosquitoes needs to be controlled in order to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Many of you must be aware that water is required by the mosquitoes to breed. An adult mosquito lays her eggs in either slow-moving or standing water. Some of these mosquitoes also lay their eggs on the moist ground or wet soil.

Tips for controlling mosquitoes

Here are some of the easy tips to make sure that your property is free from these blood sucking monsters.

  • Make sure that you have a chlorinated pool. If your pool is in the backyard, just do not let it become a zoo full of blood hungry mosquitoes.
  • Clear your gutters around your house of any debris. There should not be any puddles around the gutters. The water should get drained freely. When you observe that your drain pipe is not reaching a gutter, you should add a pipe for channeling that water properly.
  • Get all units that contain water cleaned at regular intervals. Get these holding units like tires, a tub or a pool cleared and then use clean water for refilling them. Mosquitoes get instantly drawn towards dirty and still water,.
  • Monitor the pools in the background on a regular basis
  • Your ponds, if any, should be aerated and cleaned so that mosquitoes do not lay their eggs in those ponds. An alternative way of keeping the ponds clean could be by filling them up with fish so that mosquitoes could be kept away and their population can be controlled.

How cockroaches are harmful and why you need to control them

The sight of cockroaches is bound to irritate every one of us. Even a desultory peep into a book that describes the origin of various species may reveal that the existence of cockroaches dates back to a period that is about 70 odd millions of years ago. Scientists say that they may be one of the few creatures that may survive even an earth-shaking nuclear bomb.

Whether we are willing or not, our association with these insects continues. Since cockroaches can easily adapt to almost any of the circumstances, they are able to share space with humans regardless of the regions where they live. 

But why should we fear cockroaches?

They can contaminate the foods we eat.

Cockroaches feed even on human feces, dead plants, soap, paper and what not. So, when they defecate on open foods, they leave behind all the unwanted things on them and this may lead to several health issues.

They spread disease-causing bacteria

When cockroaches regurgitate the digestive fluids and their saliva, they inoculate the foods we eat with disease-causing bacteria. This may result in affliction by diseases like sepsis, infections of the urinary tract and digestive problems.

Cockroach bites

There are some cockroach species that may bite humans thus causing wounds to the skin and especially, to parts where the skin is soft.

Food poisoning

Cockroaches can cause serious food poisoning issues. It has also been proven that they may cause typhoid.


The allergens that cockroaches carry can lead to allergic reactions such as skin rashes, watery eyes, sneezing and respiratory problems. 


When humans are affected by the allergens cockroaches carry, they are likely to be affected by asthma also.

Steps suggested for cockroach control

Ensure to keep your surroundings clean. Seal up cracks and holes in the walls and the wooden frames in your building. Remove the cobwebs periodically.

Ensure to wipe clean your kitchen counter-tops once your cooking tasks are over. Likewise, if you accidentally spill food items, ensure to clean the area thoroughly. Similarly, see that the sink and other similar places are kept clean.

The dustbin in the kitchen may attract cockroaches. So, empty it as often as possible.

Never leave food items open lest they get contaminated. Store food stuffs in containers that have tight lids.

Keep your rooms neat and tidy. If you keep the newspapers, books or magazines in a proper manner, you will not give scope for cockroaches to choose those places for living and breeding.

Cockroach control becomes easy if you follow the above steps scrupulously.

Where to locate termites


Termites are one of the most dangerous pestilences that can infest your house. They usually do not target just one piece of furniture in your house, but damage the entire array of furniture. Apart from this, they usually tend to venture away from the furniture into wooden panels on your wall, wooden floors and make the base of the house weak. They usually enter your house from the underground through cracks. Then tend to grow and spread in moist environment. However, there are some termites like the dry-wood termite that grows in areas that have less moisture. Singapore is a place that has a moderate climate being near the sea. However, the humidity content in the air in Singapore is very high. Thus it is easy for termites to grow and spread in Singapore.

Considering modern technology and developments, even if state-of-the-art architecture is used to build skyscrapers that have low moisture content and keep the humidity of the air outside, still there is a chance of dry-wood termites to attack your furniture, walls, and floors and make your house an abode of pests. We all know pests are a pain. Thus termite control in Singapore is needed, in spite of its technological advancement.

How to locate termites?

It is very difficult to locate termites. They can infest any area in your house. They are not visible conspicuously. However, in order to locate them, you have to keep an eye for certain signs that will tell you that there are termites in your house and that you need to call the pest control guys. Some of the signs that will help you locate the source of the termite are:

The sawdust around your furniture is the fecal remains that the termite has left behind.

Termite tubes that grow like pencil structure on walls are an external manifestation of termite infestation. If you scrape off some portion of the tube and termites fall you surely need to call pest control.

There are some species of termites that can fly. Usually they swarm from one nest to another and during the move, they leave behind their wings. Thus if you notice gauze like wings in the size of ants, it means that your house is termite infested.

You might come across these signs in your well-furnished flat in Singapore. If you happen to locate these signs, call termite control in Singapore immediately. They will be able to locate the source and eradicate the pest infestation.