Where to locate termites


Termites are one of the most dangerous pestilences that can infest your house. They usually do not target just one piece of furniture in your house, but damage the entire array of furniture. Apart from this, they usually tend to venture away from the furniture into wooden panels on your wall, wooden floors and make the base of the house weak. They usually enter your house from the underground through cracks. Then tend to grow and spread in moist environment. However, there are some termites like the dry-wood termite that grows in areas that have less moisture. Singapore is a place that has a moderate climate being near the sea. However, the humidity content in the air in Singapore is very high. Thus it is easy for termites to grow and spread in Singapore.

Considering modern technology and developments, even if state-of-the-art architecture is used to build skyscrapers that have low moisture content and keep the humidity of the air outside, still there is a chance of dry-wood termites to attack your furniture, walls, and floors and make your house an abode of pests. We all know pests are a pain. Thus termite control in Singapore is needed, in spite of its technological advancement.

How to locate termites?

It is very difficult to locate termites. They can infest any area in your house. They are not visible conspicuously. However, in order to locate them, you have to keep an eye for certain signs that will tell you that there are termites in your house and that you need to call the pest control guys. Some of the signs that will help you locate the source of the termite are:

The sawdust around your furniture is the fecal remains that the termite has left behind.

Termite tubes that grow like pencil structure on walls are an external manifestation of termite infestation. If you scrape off some portion of the tube and termites fall you surely need to call pest control.

There are some species of termites that can fly. Usually they swarm from one nest to another and during the move, they leave behind their wings. Thus if you notice gauze like wings in the size of ants, it means that your house is termite infested.

You might come across these signs in your well-furnished flat in Singapore. If you happen to locate these signs, call termite control in Singapore immediately. They will be able to locate the source and eradicate the pest infestation.