Debunking Common SAP ERP Misconceptions

Debunking Common SAP ERP Misconceptions

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is now considered by many forward-thinking businesses as a must when it comes to business management. However, as popular as it has grown over the years, there have also been various misconceptions about it.

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Here, we discuss three common myths about this ERP.

� The system is way too expensive
While the price for installing the ERP may not be the cheapest investment, it is completely affordable. What unnecessarily increases the cost is actually poor preparation before you implement the software. This includes not identifying your business requirements accurately and choosing a system with functions that your business doesn�t require. Before implementation, managers tend to be very broad in their requirements and expectations, overthink solutions which are actually simple, and overpromise to shareholders. All these simply increase costs and result in under-delivery. The truth is that not adapting to new technology and sticking to the old ways will increase costs even more.

� Your business has to adopt everything at one go
Another common misconception many business owners have is that their organization will have to adopt and implement the new software all at once. They tend to think that the new ERP software must be adopted in each department or team the organization has all at once, as opposed to slowly integrating it to their business. However, adopting everything at one go only stops migration of data to the new system. The implementation period does not have to disrupt your business if you slowly unroll it in several phases as per your business requirement. So, organizations can adopt customized ERP solutions and take their own time to adapt.

� It requires customization, which is a difficult process
Many organizations believe that customizing their enterprise planning software is a difficult process, which is not worth the time and resources. However, what they don�t get is that with ERP comes a need for adaptability. Once they have fully integrated the system into their business, they can benefit from valuable insights since it does not just keep a record of activities, but analyse them as well. After the implementation, managers can decide if the business needs any more applications.

These common misconceptions about SAP ERP stops many businesses and organizations from adopting the management software which could greatly streamline their business model and procedure, increase productivity and efficiency, and as a result, boost revenue. It is important to know the truth about the software and not simply believe what you hear so you can benefit from it.