Innovation In Pest Management

Pest Busters are a leading name in Asia in the area of Pest management since 1991. The company was founded by the visionary Mr. Thomas Fernandez and very soon emerged as a leader in the field. The company envisions setting new standards of quality and delivery and thus is steadfastly moving towards achieving international presence in the near future.

Through professionalism and expertise that has been achieved since many years, the leadership team comprises of industry experts, who have contributed significantly in achieving the largest market share for the company in the field of  termite control. Using the most modern, state-of- the art and advanced technological systems, Pest Busters provide solutions from all kinds of pests.

Pest busters have made a breakthrough in the field of pest control by using high end technologically advanced solutions for controlling pests. The company has won several accolades for their achievements, People Developer Award, Singapore’s most prestigious award, being one of them. Apart from making significant contribution towards the field of Singapore pest control, the company is also credited with making contributions towards the nation’s development by coming out with innovative models for training their employees. One of the KRA’s of the company was to continually train the staff to keep them upbeat and ahead of the market requirements, thus affirming their vision to constantly remain ahead in terms of quality and innovation.

Other feathers to the hat of apart from People’s Developer award are Singapore Promising Brand award, National Training Award, OJT System award etc.

The company made a humble beginning in the year 1991 but slowly and gradually, it spread its wings to the whole of Asia; today, they provide solutions to people of UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and India.

The high-class standards of service and quality provided by the company are vouched for, by the clients clearly making them experts in their field. The testimonials by the customers clearly show that they are more than happy with the after service provided to them.

The company caters to pest solutions to residential as well as commercial establishments. Their excellent scale of operations is adept to providing solutions to small residences and big corporate houses equally efficiently. Being infected by pests are a nuisance to everyone  and  Pest Busters have gone a long way in providing a safe and secure environment for people all around.