Izumio Hydrogen Water – The Wonder Drink


Just when the whole world was grappling with ill health conditions caused due to stress, ageing and various other factors, a team of Japanese scientists came up with a platter of super foods called ‘antioxidants’, one of which was Izumio Hydrogen Water – a wonder drink that has the potential of changing the course of one’s life if taken properly and at any stage of one’s life.

The term antioxidant and antioxidant supplements was thus introduced to mankind. The benefits of these miracle foods were packaged and made available for human consumption.

Among other natural elements that are freely available in the universe, Hydrogen is one such element which is very vital and indispensable for the existence of mankind and which had unfortunately been quite underrated until this product was introduced in the form of a beverage. The concept of dissolved hydrogen in water was used and Izumio was produced keeping high standards of quality into consideration.

Slowly and gradually, Izumio Hydrogen Water became the best selling and most trusted hydrogenated water in Japan selling a record of 150 million units since 2007. Alces LLP, the manufacturer of this wonder drink beverage claims that the concentration of hydrogen is highest in this product and the company is still striving to improvise it even further. Antioxidants are very important to slow down the process of aging and also cut down the ill effects of numerous factors, environmental and otherwise. Hydrogen is an excellent antioxidant because of a very low redox potential and thus aids in imparting youthfulness to one’s life.

There are numerous real life examples of people who have benefited from this beverage drink taken along with other antioxidant supplements. A young sports enthusiast diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, was forced to discontinue her sports career. She started undergoing the painful treatment process but her condition was far from improving. She was then introduced to the benefits of hydrogen water. Soon she incorporated it into her lifestyle along with other supplements and witnessed significant changes so much so that she completely recovered and pursued her sports career soon.

In yet another instance, when this drink was introduced to a stage 4 brain cancer patient who was diagnosed with the disease and was not hopeful of living beyond 6 months , recovered soon and was alive and full of life within no time.

Infinite number of people suffering from many such diseases have benefited from this drink, thus rightfully earning the status of ‘wonder drink’.