Top Myths Debunked About Wedding Music

You can ignore all the misconceptions and myths that typically surround with respect to handling and hiring a live wedding band. Plus it is not as if when you hire a live band, you have to stay away from a DJ on your wedding day. Both can perform simultaneously for that matter, while you may not have complete control over all the music that is played on your wedding, it is not a difficult task to share your preferences in clear terms in advance. Live band music for occasions like weddings can make the day a truly memorable one. Here are some of the too myths about wedding music that have been debunked

Myth 1: A live band has a tendency to rake several breaks in between

There are some people who feel apprehensive about going for a wedding band since they feel that they will take a break of about fifteen to twenty minutes after performing for around 45 minutes or so. They tend to fill that gap with music played from a CD or a DVD. Such a tactics may make the guests feel completely bored. They may even start moving away from the dance floor. However, it is possible for you to manage the downtime needed by your wedding band without spoiling the party. You can requests the members of the band to divide their breaks in such a manner that they can play live music all through the night though you may have to pay extra bucks for that. Your guests stay on the dance floor and will be entertained the way they wanted to.

Myth 2: A live band singapore may not be able to provide the kind of variety needed on a wedding

This is absolutely false as a professional live band actually has a lot of depth in the kind of music they play. When a live band has multiple singers, it is a clear indication of its versatility. Additionally, if they have both female as well as male vocalists, there are possibilities of them performing on a wide range of music. Although. It is not unusual for a live band to specialize in a particular genre of music; you should not forget that you are dealing with professional musicians. So, they can easily stray from their niche. If you find that you want them to specifically play certain songs, there is no problem in requesting them to pick up those numbers before your wedding day. If you give adequate advanced notice, a reputable and can pick up those few songs easily.

Myth 3: Live bands are fond of line dances

Gone are those days when a wedding band encouraged a line dance. However, if it worries you, you may see the band performing at some other places before hiring them. You can do so by asking for clips from YouTube or some footage from a different performance. It will give you a feel of the way they interact with the guests or crowd. You may also make an attempt to catch them in action live. For instance, you can drop down to a different event where they are performing. But it will be good for you to remember that while it is easy to tweet the style of a DJ, the same is not as simple to do with a wedding fans. In case you find that their performances are interactive leading to line dances, they may not be able up tweet their style even after telling them to do so. You should perhaps contemplate of hiring a different band altogether.

Myth 4: It is a great idea to hire a live bar fans

It can be a wrong decision unless they have adequate experience in performing at weddings before In fact, hiring a band that is primarily associated with a nightclub may not be a safe proposition as they may not have the required skill to entertain a diverse cried at a wedding. Rather, it is a much more sensible decision to hire a band that has previous experience and knowledge in wedding entertainment.